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Kushchenko Victor Ivanovich

plastic surgeon

I am absolutely sure that Our loved ones, friends, interesting work make us happy, but not the plastic operation, But not a new breast shape or lack of wrinkles.

I’m sure: you can’t make a decision about plastic just because “it’s fashionable now” or “friends advised”.

Changing something in appearance is necessary only on one condition: if you really want it.  If you don’t like the reflection in the mirror, you want to look younger or slimmer, adjust facial features or figures.  In this case, plastic surgery can not only change a person’s appearance, but also restore a sense of harmony in relations with himself. I am really glad to help You using my experience and knowledge.



Kushchenko Victor Ivanovich

plastic surgeon, doctor of the highest category MD Board certified, Ph.D Medicine , head of department, medical experience since 1987, in plastic surgery since 1998.

  • Full member of the Guild of Prosthetists and Orthopedists.
  • Full-fledged member of the Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons of Russia (OPREH).
  • Co-author of 2 monographs, author of 23 scientific works in the field of aesthetic surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery, author of 2 copyright certificates for the invention.
  • Winner of the Best Plastic Surgeon 2012.
  • Prize Laureate.